Disillusioned and aimless, Evan Spencer makes a pact with herself. She throws a dart at a map and promises to follow wherever the finger of destiny points. Even if that means heading to some obscure Alaskan town she's never heard of. A place where the primal beauty of the backwoods is rivaled only by a certain pair of steely green eyes.

But Thorne Bay has a dark side. It's not just rumors and wary gazes that shadow the darkly alluring Tristan and his reclusive family. Her search for self, as it turns out, leads to a discovery of werewolves and a fight for survival. Alaska might just leave an indelible mark. Love and Death will leave her changed forever.

Derek Chandler is a burnt out private jet pilot sick of flying the rich and famous and their bratty kids. Not much impresses him anymore, least of all four hot messes and their Louis Vuittons headed to the Islands on Daddy’s dime. The last thing he expects is to meet his equal. And to lose his heart along with his wits. 

Crystal Ballard is more than just a pair of gorgeous legs in a borrowed skirt. And the last thing she needs on her ‘girls only’ vacation is to be distracted by a pair of sexy blue eyes. After all, everyone knows that good girls don’t date pilots.

ln the wake of strange London slayings, something menacing has begun to quicken in the shadows of Emma Lucas's mind. A mind that yet clings to the notion that vampyres are nothing more than dreadful superstitions borne across the English Channel.

But all too soon Emma finds herself within the ancient ramparts of Winterly Castle. It is there, amidst the foggy Yorkshire moors, that, to her horror, Emma confronts that inescapable proof that defies her reason. And who better to seduce and initiate her into dark and sumptuous realms of forbidden pleasure and fatal love than the brooding and cryptic overlord himself--Markus Winterly.

Aria is only a child when her guardianship is suddenly relinquished into the hands of a stranger from the north. In a land of harsh winters and fleeting daylight, she is afforded every luxury and treated as a daughter of the house. Even loved as such. But, by the time she comes of age, she can no longer ignore the unmistakable darkness pervading the forest; and the ominous keep itself. Moreover, there's a tangible weave of secrets that shrouds her beloved foster family. Especially the unsettling and enigmatic man, Lucian, to whom she is betrothed.

Curiosity inevitably becomes too powerful a force to forbear, and it soon compels her into the woods to seek out the truth for herself.

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